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. . . Meanwhile, deep in the forest of sector five. After burying the remains of his fallen student Yagi, Kyo had been slowly trying to make his way out of the domain of the Horde. Tired and hungry he hadn't been given a respite for even a moment. "This is crazy, there's no way they can still be chasing me. I know I had to have lost them, but every time I feel someone there. Unknown to Kyo he had been caught in a genjutsu, and for the past day and a half, an illusion had him paranoid of his very surrounding. A woman watched through many small proxies within the forest as Kyo ran for dear life from a phantom stalker. He ran like a hunted animal from the assailant, like a mouse running from a cat he ran from one hiding spot to the next, attempting to elude her. "Oh how this brings me such pleasure, the high I get from watching you squirm, is almost orgasmic" The woman said as she ran her hands across her chest and down between her legs. Moaning sounds  echoed in the treetops, Kyo stopped his mad dash, the look of fear was replaced by a solemn expression. He looked off in the direction of the sound hatred burned in his eyes and soul, like a bonfire during festival time. Kyo felt deep sadness when his student was killed and he was forced to bury his head. The thought made all the muscles in his body tighten, veins protruded from his forehead. Then, he vanished. "Oh, ooo, mmmh, goodness . . .!" The woman moaned, erotically at the thought of Kyo's suffering. The echoes of his words were a rude awakening to her twisted dream "EARTH STYLE, STONE RAIN JUTSU!!" As he slapped his hands on the ground, the ground around tree shot high into the air, taking the some of the forest with it. The woman immediately retreated to a neighboring tree off in the distance saying, "You seem to be a bit sluggish, are you tired? The woman teased Kyo from atop the tall tree across from him. "I'll make sure nothings left of you." In that instant the wind picked up it's pace as it blew in from behind Kyo, who's hands had finished making hand seals. "WIND STYLE, TEMPEST WAVE JUTSU!!" The large rocks from the last jutsu were swept away as they tried to return to the earth, they were broken up by the gale winds that blew toward the kunoichi. "Just like your little student, you think you've got the energy to keep up with me, baby. The woman said seductively as she moved her finger in out her mouth, wetting her breast with it. The image of the kunoichi vanished from the top of the trees as she spoke, her voice seemed everywhere and her nowhere, the storm raged on. With a look of disappointment on he shook his head and began to say " Your genjutsu won't work on me any longer, I spent all this time ensuring, I knew exactly how to track you." The kunoichi's voice echoed through out the forest. "Oh baby, you really do have a thing for me, I'm so happy to hear you've payed me so much attention." The woman teased in a alluring tone. The wind speed increased severely, the trees began struggling to stay up right, the rocks corkscrewed and twisted all about, as they plowed smashed into the trees and other rocks. Then, the air current settled into a spin Kyo made a final hand seal, the massive tornado began undoing all in its path, the head of it twisting and contorting in every direction. Uprooting trees and demolishing rocks, anything unwilling to yield to its might. The Kunoichi who by now was far from the storm, remained unmoved by the anger that could felt from the tornado as it ripped through the woods. "How sad, I'll be long gone before that ever you ever reach me, oh, and I was looking forward to your cold dead hands caressing my body too" While she spoke the air around her began to pickup and even though the eye of the storm was not yet upon her. The fierce winds reached out to hold her just as she wished. The air blew in from every direction, kicking up a cloud of dirt as it moved, so much the air blackened from the amount of soil that flew around so rapidly. "What is this this. . . this can be that tornado, it so far off how can it be reaching me?!?"  The Kunoichi thought to herself as she tried to fight through the winds, shielding her eyes from the rubble in the air, even breathing within the tempest was becoming a chore in itself. Eventually, she found shelter within a large hollow tree, the storm was upon her by now. Massive stones smashed the top of the hollow tree and its neighbors to splinters. The woman stood frozen with fear, her skill was in genjutsu, she had no real tools to deal with this other than fleeing. Her escape had been cutoff, she began to wimper in fear, but the storm would have none of that. The woman was snatched into the into the storm along with the very earth beneath her. Red mist mixed among the blackened air as her body was grinding into a faint memory, the Tempest raged for a moment longer til it dissipated in a climatic release of wind and rock in all directions. Kyo could be found on his hands and knees in the forest drenched in sweat, a smile on his face as he thought of how good it felt to get revenge. Exhausted he felt himself ready to collaspe, he knew better. He had caused a scene, brought too much attention onto himself. He had to escape, before he was seen or caught. " I have to return, I have to. . . but, if I don't. . " Kyo said as he gasped for air, halting his run falling to his knees.  Performing hand seals "SUMMONING JUTSU, GOTEIMARU." The cloud of smoke that appeared revealed a mole of average size with a headband similar to Kyo's. The mole sniffed the air, and felt the hand that rubbed it's head saying "Kyo, is that you, wow, you smell horrible. Ya smell like you haven't showered in ages, is everything alright?" Goteimaru asked, as he walked closer to Kyo. " I don't have much time to explain, but I need  you to get this scroll to the Heikokage, do you understand?" Kyo spoke urgently to Goteimaru, who simply nodded, taking the scroll he was handed into his mouth. The mole jumped into his hole, but, not before sniffing in the direction of friend once more before leaving. The next moment he was gone, but, another plume of smoke appeared before Kyo, he had not done another summon and all his chakra was used up. Kyo's vision began to wane as he, faintly saw the visage of a mole ten times the size of Goteimaru. It took hold of him, setting him within a hole it created as it lie next to Kyo. His friend of many years Goteimaru of the mole clan, had summoned another from his family to watch over Kyo's collapsed body.
We find Kyo, alive? WHAT???
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