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Shirayuri had had enough she could feel the pain that Yumie suffered and had understood when Yumie had told her not come for her. That time had passed now, and she would have Yumie suffer no longer. Shirayuri rushed toward the part of the forest where Yumie had hid herself as she cast her illusion. She smelled the other ninja before she saw them, one was male the other a female. She was aware of their positions relative to Yumie's. Having been trained Shirayuri knew better than to run in head first she was strongest in combination with Yumie. Shirayuri smelled the heavy musk of fear on her friend and she didn't like it, fear didn't smell right on Yumie. She had to get her out of there but how? "Why are you here, what part do you play in the Horde's plan?" Hien questioned. Yumie felt weakened, tired, she was covered in her own blood and had lost a lot of it. Yumie had a hard time focusing and even more difficulty staying conscious from her loss of blood.

For her delay in answering Hien's question Suri grabbed Yumie's hand grasping a finger. Suri pushed the tip of her finger toward the back of her, a snap was heard. Yumie cried in pain as she tried to pull away from Suri, Yumie lacked the strength to release herself, but she was wide awake now. "Why are you here and what role do you play in the plan of the terrorist." Hien calmly repeated. "None!  I was just hired to deal with the the four of you." Yumie said in hopes of being released. Another snap could be heard another finger pushed in a direction it shouldn't be. Yumie squirmed as she tried to keep herself from crying. This was the most humbling moment in her life, she had never been so thoroughly defeated and unable to help herself. Hien looked at Suri, "She's lying." Cold and emotionless was Suri in this moment, Hien continued to interrogate Yumie. Shirayuri made low deep growls as it felt rage swell up within itself, the electricity it retained began to spike every inch of it's fur. The wolf was charging itself before it made it's way to rescue Yumie. Yumie who had taking the utmost care in making sure to never accidentally touch Shirayuri with her acid, or to harm or disrespect the pride of the animal. All of these things had garnered the wolfs respect, it was time to return the favor. Shirayuri dashed toward the tree where Yumie was held, "You should tell your animal to back down, unless you want me to kill it." Suri said as she twisted Yumie's wrist, she looked out toward the wolf that looked up at her. "Go! Go away from here!" Shirayuri sprinted off into the woods, Yumie began to cry. Hien and Suri continued to question Yumie for every question that went unanswered a loud snap could be heard, followed by a scream of agony. Having charged enough electrical power Shirayuri began to make its way back toward Yumie it's speed increasing exponentially with each gallop.  

The wolf began to glow a bright white its body became engulfed in electricity as it shot itself in the direction of Yumie. A long streak of lightning traveled across the forest floor, it bore a path into the earth. Everything paused Suri and Hien looked down at the scarred earth seeing that the path of the streak went through the tree, sparks rose from the line. Hien and Suri narrowly escape the pulsing rods of lightning that shot upward consuming everything that lay along the cracked ground. Suri tried to keep hold of  Yumie who resisted and in the end she was left to the lightning. "Don't worry about her, that electricity is to unpredictable for us to try to save her, she must have trained that animal to kill her in the event that she was captured. She won't survive it." Hien said as he and Suri observed the fierce lightning from a safe distance. The lightning flared once more before dying out leaving nothing standing that was along the straight line created by the wolf. Hien narrowed his eyes as he saw not even the wolf or the body of Yumie remained. "Sensei they got . . ." Suri was interrupted by Hien as he took off toward there original course saying "She was not our original mission, continuing to pursue her would only delay our . . " He stopped mid sentence.

There was silence for a moment "She stalled us, the base isn't there anymore." Suri confused by his words "Base what base, are you talking about Sensei?"  Hien took a deep breath before saying "The sole reason for us finding Kyo is because he knows the location of the Horde base. But, since they've moved, . . . we need to hurry and find him."  Suri followed Hien but was at a loss. "Assuming that girl was just there to slow us down that doesn't necessarily mean they've changed there base, they wouldn't be able to move everything without us at least noticing something or hearing noises in the forest."  Hien stopped on the closest branch saying " They would if they had multiple bases around Banju, and if that's true, then that complicates things. This is why we need to find Kyo now more than ever in hopes that he has information on more than just this assumed base in sector five." Hien and Suri took off at high speeds through the forest, until they came upon a clearing and a large mound of earth within it.
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